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Thread: What was he doing?

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    What was he doing?

    Just bought a new house with a pool. First of many questions I'm sure as I'm terrified I'm screwing something up royally. I have a test kit on order and hope it's here soon. I made the mistake of going to Leslie's and they got me all set up (~$350) before coming here. Will start changing my ways! Anyway...

    In the skimmer, I noticed there are two holes below the basket. I did a search of the forum and found that the second hole probably is nothing or for construction purposes. That makes sense. I saw that some people use rocks to weigh the skimmer down. That also makes sense. My situation had me finding a rock, about half of a regular brick in a triangular design, sitting UNDERNEATH the basket, covering one of the holes. It wasn't a watertight fit, so I don't think it was there to prevent any water entry, but I have no idea why it was there. Anyone have any suggestions?

    Thanks for the first of many helpful answers.
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    Re: What was he doing?

    Welcome to TFP! Often times there is a saucer-shaped item called a "diverter" under the basket that allows you to determine how much water flow goes from one or either holes (if they both pull water). "Maybe" the person before you didn't have the diverter installed and did a less than desirable attempt to partially block one hole with the brick to allow "some" water to flow in but not as much as the open hole? That's all I can think of.

    Nice to have you with us.
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    Re: What was he doing?

    my skimmers have 2 holes
    one goes to open vent in pool below skimmer so that the skimmer doesnt go dry
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    Re: What was he doing?

    I agree with Pat, the partly blocked hole probably goes to an equalizer port just below the skimmer or to you main drain. There is not much reason to block it that way, in fact if it is for an equalizer or main drain you are better leaving it uncovered. When the skimmer basket is empty almost all the flow will come from the surface where you want it, but should the skimmer get full or accidently get blocked then having the other hole open provides a second source of water for the pump it's a bit of a safety net incase you are not diligent about empting the skimmer.
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    Re: What was he doing?

    $350. wow, that's a bummer. Glad you found your way here though! I was lucky enough to find this site before I ventured into a $tore. I still go to the $tores now and then, but my TFP resources serve as a great defense for my wallet.
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    What was he doing?

    The hole towards the back of the skimmer should be plumbed to the suction side of your pump. The other hole is either tied into your main drain or to an equilizer port (which would be located about 12-18" below the skimmer opening under water in the pool wall) or it is capped off. If you take a coat hanger and probe down the hole you should easily be able to tell if it's capped. If it is not capped, then look for an equalizer port below the skimmer in the pool wall. If no equalizer port is present then it's tied to your main drain.

    If it is tied to your main drain, then you need to have a float diverter valve that sits underneath the skimmer basket on top of those openings.

    In all cases, that rock sitting at the bottom is pointless, so remove it. If you need a rock to weight down the skimmer basket, then the rock goes in the skimmer basket.
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