I have a ~17*40 IG with power cover & vanishing edge. The edge basin is not covered & we live in the woods. The edge basin acts like a big skimmer for the pool, but has no built-in skimmer or filtration in the basin, itself. Thus it gets dirty very quickly. I frequently skim with a net, but the water is always full of particulates from the woods / wind / etc.

Running the edge pump (1hp Pentair) puts unfiltered water into the pool. Not favorable.
[main pool has separate 1 hp Pentair pump Tagelus 100 & water usually looks nice-BBB)

I occasionally toss the vacuum from my pool skimmer suction into the catch basin to filter the water, but have now had three occasions where I forgot about it- the pump timed out - & you guessed it- drained about 2 feet of water from the pool-> basin-> overflow into back yard. So much for my balanced pool...

My question is; what would be the best filter option for the vanishing edge catch basin?
I have a ~ 24*24" space open next to the pump.
Landscaping is done so I don't want to run another backwash line.
Considering either: Pentair Clean and Clear CC200 or Clean and Clear Plus CCP240

Any thoughts?