Hello all. I came across a great deal on (2) Stenner 85MHP17 pumps for $55 each. They are obviously used but I have them both at home and they work great. I figure its best if I replace all the tubes instead of using what was given with the pumps. I plan to purchase the #2 pump tubes, 1/4" UV Black tube, 1/4" Injection valve with duckbill and 1/4" weighted suction line strainer. Does that sound like all I should need? I plan to take the pumps apart and do any type of recommended service before I put them in full time use. I also plan to purchase a 55 gallon drum of 12% chlorine next spring and store it under my house. It is always dark and cool so I figure this will be a good place instead of burying it like I had originally planned to do. I do have a question.... If I store it under the house with the pump mounted above the drum. Can I install a vent line to allow the gas to escape from under the house if for some reason it builds up pressure. Not sure that it ever would but figured it would be a good idea. I could install a filter on the end of the hose outside the house and some type of duckbill valve to only allow flow in one direction. Does this sound like a safe route to go? If I can install everything under the house then I would only have the line running a few feet outside to the pool plumbing. I also go under the house everyday during the swim season as that is where my pool supplies, nets, etc. are located so it will get frequent visual checks. Any advice would be great. Thanks!