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Thread: Green algae keeps coming back!

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    Angry Green algae keeps coming back!

    Hi I'm new to this. My previous levels were FC - 3, CYA - 60, PH - 7.3, Phosphates - 100, CH - 280. These levels were at the end of my Green to Clean cycle. I am now on day 4. Yesterday things were looking better. Algae was gone except for a few dusty areas. I SLAMMED the pool based on the recommendations from I used about 5 gallons of bleach to get the FC levels to a 24. I backwashed, brushed and vacuumed the pool. Clarity in the water was coming back. It rained last night. This morning, the algae is returning. Now what? I just don't understand what more I can do. Please help. I have been dealing with this for a month!

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    Re: Green algae keeps coming back!

    Hello and welcome to TFP! If you want to use the TFPC methods to maintain your pool, you'll first need to ensure (or confirm for us) you have one of the recommended test kits (TF-100 or Taylor K-2006C). From there, you'll need to perform a true TFP "SLAM" as noted on the SLAM page (link below) and continue to maintain the required SLAM FC level until you pass ALL 3 SLAM criteria. Anything less is just a waste of time and chemicals. The key is to "Maintain" that FC level.

    Speaking of chemicals, for a SLAM you'll use just regular liquid bleach (HEB Bravo or Wal-Mart Great Value). If you are using any Green-to-Clean product, you should discontinue its use promptly.

    Also, please add your pool info to your signature by going to the top of the TFP web page (just under the Pool School button) and select "SETTINGS". On the next page look to the left for a menu bar that says, “MY SETTINGS” and go to "EDIT SIGNATURE" to enter your pool and equipment info there. Or you can click EDIT YOUR SIGNATURE. It will help us later. This link may also help you: Pool School - Read This BEFORE You Post. Don’t forget to include your test kit in the signature.

    Nice to have you with us.
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    Re: Green algae keeps coming back!

    Welcome to TFP, Canjones

    FIrst off- how are you testing?? Which kit are you using?? Do you have one of the two we recommend?

    Green to Clean is not something we ever recommend using. Seriously. It is just a form of ammonia. If you have algae it is because you don't have enough FC (free chlorine) in the water in relation to how much CYA (stabilizer) you have. And by looking at those test results (which are suspect anyway) you obviously don't. Your CYA is 60 which means at NO TIME should your FC be less than 5. More realistically keeping it at 7 will give you some protection from daily drop and going below 5.

    Have you read this: ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry and also this: FC/CYA Chart

    You say you added 5 gallons of bleach...but that's not a SLAM. That's just a short one time rise in FC when what you need is a period of extended elevated FC because algae reproduces in different stages so you need to kill it off over time. SLAM

    Tells us about your pool, equipment and how you normally sanitize your water. Give us current test results for:

    ....and please stop putting strange potions in the water!
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    Re: Green algae keeps coming back!

    Okay, so I am a new pool owner (since June) and somehow stumbled upon TFP through tons of online research when I got the green algae. I am learning and slowly starting to understand things. When I got home today, the pool water was clear. There was a dust of green algae in various spots. I brushed the entire pool, backwashed, and vacuumed. I was originally having so many problems because my CYA was at 99 and 90. But since the rain and draining the pool a bit here and there over the past month the CYA has dropped and I have been using the CYA Chart. I don't have a test kit so that's the next expense on the list. I have just been going to Leslie's. I really don't understand why it's okay to buy the kit they sale but not okay to get the water tested using their system.

    Based on the test from Leslie's today:
    FC over a 5; Leslie's test only goes up to a 5, my test strip (which I know isn't accurate) reads over a 10
    CC over a 5
    pH 7.8
    TA 80
    CH 270
    CYA 40

    Now what do I do? Water is sparkling clear. Algae dust is gone. I am still having trouble getting behind the ladder to brush the algae away though.
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    Re: Green algae keeps coming back!

    You still need to order a quality test kit. As for the ladder, I take a rag and swim down and wipe by hand under my stairs.
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    Re: Green algae keeps coming back!

    A few reasons we suggest not getting the pool store to test

    Their tests max out at 5 or 10 FC, the recommended kits have tests upto 50ppm FC, which you need if you have to SLAM

    Free testing at the pool store is an opportunity for them to hard sell you expensive products in pretty packages, which you can get a lot cheaper at the grocery or big box type stores

    You can test any time you want. If you get a funny result you can retest on the spot too

    In some cases, like the start of the slam, you need to test every 10 minutes or hourly. Hard to do if you need to travel

    The time taken to travel to the store with a sample can affect the levels of chlorine

    Tests are often undertaken by part time employees, high school students or in a hurry cos there is a queue and who dont understand or even know the recommended test procedure given out by the companies who make the tests

    CYA tests should be done outdoors, have you ever seen them go outside to test

    Have you ever seen them clean the test tubes between tests to ensure no cross contamination

    Often the machines used for testing have to be calibrated, some stores dont bother so the reports are faulty

    My local pool store is over an hour away (one way) and tests are only free 'with purchase'
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