Hi , I have a aquabot xtreme pool cleaner , that was working fine but last night it stop working it had blown a fuse, I removed the cleaner from power supply at the 2 prone connector and put a new fuse, after I reconnected the power supply to the outlet it was fine as soon as I turn the switch on it blew the fuse again , try it in a different plug inside the house and it keep blowing the fuse , can someone help me please, I think the transformer may have shorted out , does anyone knows what transformer do I need ? I also open the box and it seems that the transformer is burn on the upper portion of it , the transformer don't have any sticker on it and it is the power supply that have a connector with two female plug for the cleaner to connect to it , so I don't know if it is 12, 24,or36 v

any my help will be appreciated