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Thread: Pool heater repair va replace..... PLEASE HELP.

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    Pool heater repair va replace..... PLEASE HELP.

    I have Pentair Maxmini400 that is about 15 years old. It function ok but occasionally produces "explosion" type sound ( most likely build up of gas). It is natural gas heater. It continues to cycle and heat water but every 5-7th cycle it "explodes". The pool company I use told me that my control panel went bad because signal ( voltage) to the gas valve sometimes doesn't get there ( meaning voltage is lower than normal sent from control panel). Since unit of old they suggested to replace it since they don't know for sure ( I guess nothing is guaranteed in this world) that it will fix the problem and unit is old.
    I found control panel for like $150 on Amazon for my pool... Should I try to repair or replace it?

    If replace, would you suggest I pay for company to buy andinstall ( 3 year warranty by Pentair) vs I buy and they install ( 1 year warranty from Pentair then).

    Thank you again.
    25000 gal plaster pool with attached hot tub
    Pentair MAX heater
    Hayward variable speed pump

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    Re: Pool heater repair va replace..... PLEASE HELP.

    Usually when there's a explosion it is caused by gas building up before it ignites. So it would seem the gas valve is opening up like it should. I would suspect that one or more of the burner orifices are blocked. Only way to be sure is to remove burner tray and inspect. This is not a job for the novice unless you feel comfortable with disassembly of gas parts

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    Re: Pool heater repair va replace..... PLEASE HELP.

    Sounds like maybe you have a clogged burner tube. If they didn't check that, check it out. As for a replacement, first off, buy a Raypak. As for warranties, all of the pool companies that manufacture equipment need the equipment to be installed by a licensed professional in order for the warranty to be good. As for the length of warranty, 3 years is based upon you purchasing 3 or more pieces of new equipment from that manufacturer. If you are just buying the heater, 2 year warranty on Pentair.

    Do yourself a favor though, if you replace it, use a Raypak.
    Paul A word of caution: When working with gas and electrical you might want to consider a licensed contractor. Consider the value of your life and others around you. If you would like to provide a review of the help I provided, please use the following link to leave a review. gastek - Google Search,

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    Re: Pool heater repair va replace..... PLEASE HELP.

    PS0303 - man after my own heart.. The simple beauty of rayrak, I love 'em!

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