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Thread: Hi Pressure

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    Hi Pressure

    Having problems this year with a high pressure reading on my Filter and reduced suction. I have a Hayward S210 sand filer with 1 year old zeo media. When I opened the pool this year my guage was reading zero so I went and bought a new one. After I installed the gauge PSI went up to 18 PSI. Normal reading has always been about ten. I backwashed several times and Cleaned the pump basket, skimmer basket etc. Opned the filter checked for blockages and blew out the skimmer line and the return lines. I get good flow out the returns but the suction seems weaker then past. Hard to vacuum, and the suction side cleaner has a hard time.

    Any ideas? What should i look for?
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    Re: Hi Pressure

    I had no idea what zeo media was (I have a cartridge filter), so I googled it.

    I found this at ... oblems.htm
    ► Regenerating Zeobrite Filter Media?

    Thanks for all the great info on your site! We just replaced our sand in our filter with Zeobrite media. The immediate improvement in water clarity was amazing! I am wondering if there is anything we need to do different with pool care, chemicals, etc now that we are using this. Each spring when we open our pool, we use a super floc. (we have a mesh security cover). Will we still be able to use this or would that not be advisable now with the Zeobrite. Just asking to be prepared for next year. Also should we still be using a clarifier weekly, as we have been for the past several years. We have read that the Zeobrite needs to be regenerated with salt water solution. How often is that necessary? Thanks again for the service you provide.

    Annette, 6/16/2004

    You should find less need to use clarifiers because of the improved filtration. If it necessary to regenerate zeolites at least once a season, in outdoor, residential pools. Zeobrite help remove chloramines from the pool water and regeneration restores the ability of the filter media to perform this important function. Individual pool circumstances can vary greatly and regeneration should be considered, whenever shock treatment to control the combined chlorine level becomes more frequent. Regenerate as follows:

    1. Drain the existing water from the filter, then close the inlet and outlet valves.

    2. Mix the salt solution, 3 pounds of salt in five gallons of water, in a plastic container.

    3. Open the filter vessel and pour the salt solution to completely cover the Zeobrite filter media.

    4. Allow the salt solution to stand in the media bed for a minimum of four hours.

    5. Backwash the salt solution out the discharge drain with a backwash cycle.

    6. Resume normal filtration of the pool water.

    If you have ever given thought about getting a salt chlorine generator, you might be interested to know that it will totally eliminate the need to regenerate the zeolite media. I hope that the information will prove helpful.

    Sincerely. Alan Schuster, 6/16/2004
    Obviously this would be unnecessary in a salt water pool.

    He pushes a bunch of other stuff on his site that may or may not work (very pool storish), so I don't know how usefull his advice is, but it doesn't seem like this could hurt or cost much.....
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    Re: Hi Pressure

    not sure if it applies...but it could be that your old pressure guage was not "right" to begin with...I have the s220t filled with sand and my normal psi with a 1/2hp pump is 18 psi...21psi when I have my solar panel engaged...I backwash when it gets to the 24-25psi range
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    Re: Hi Pressure

    Problem found. At the beginning of the season I had replaced my return jets with a generic return with interchangeable heads. Once I put normal hayward returns on the pressure dropped right back to where it was supposed to be and the suction side cleaner now starts right up.

    Lesson learned, Saving three dollars on a $9.00 part doesnt always make a good deal
    12,500 Gallon Fiberglas spool
    Hayward S210 Sand filter
    Hayward Superpump

    Tulsa OK
    been using BBB since April 2008

    Guess What?????

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