Hello -

We have a typical poolmiser self lever installed into our pool. For the first two months we werenít using it because they plumbed it somewhat terrible and we had issues with the pour lid hitting the cap above the float but thatís another story. We finally installed the float, valve etc. and turned it all on . Shortly after it was up and running I noticed water coming from the overfill drain into the street. I thought that was odd considering the water level was below the overflow PVC which was both capped and then I put a fitting on there just to make sure it rose well above the water line. We left the autofill running for a few days but then came home to find a lot of water leaking under the concrete (it came up through seams where we have some stone work) We are almost positive it is leaking from the where the overflow line is tied into the 3" drain pipe

When I turn off the autofill from the pressurized line at pool equipment it all stops so pretty much narrowed that down. Also when turned off if I simply test the overflow line in the poolmiser housing it seems to work fine. It channels the water through the 3" drain pipe out to a collection area (no leaks)

So..... My guess is that there is a leak at the bottom of the poolmiser housing or where the PVC overflow line sits in the housing which only seems to be a problem when there is pressure/water coming into the poolmiser housing. Seems bizarre though that turning the fill line on could force that much water into the system and then I only see it leaking about 20 feet away where the line ties into the 3" drain pipe

Any thoughts ???