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Thread: PH keeps creeping up?

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    PH keeps creeping up?

    Hello. It's been a great summer since I started using this method! Ten years of pool ownership and I've never felt so confident in managing my pool. Everything is great and has been so easy to take care of. My only question is that my Ph keeps creeping up to about 8.0 I add some Muriatic acid and it comes back down but it doesn't stay there. Here are my latest numbers
    FC 5.0
    Ph 8.0
    Ta 100
    Ch 260
    CA 45

    About once a week I add some Muriatic acid and it comes down to my goal of 7.6. Is that just the way it is and nothing to worry about? Seems strange because before using this system I was always having to increase the Ph? Other than bleach I really haven't had to add much of anything to keep my pool perfect this summer!
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    Re: PH keeps creeping up?

    It is so nice to hear that TFP has been so good for you! I love hearing that!

    You can lower your TA and see if it helps hold your PH even longer. If you have any kind of waterfall, sheer, bubbler, etc your PH will go up. See this link on how to lower TA:

    Pool School - Lower Total Alkalinity

    Aim for about 80 and see how it goes for a couple of weeks. Some pools like 80, some 50 so it will take some testing and tweaking to find what YOUR pool likes!

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    Re: PH keeps creeping up?

    I have the same issue, PH always rises. TA of about 60 works for my pool, I'm guessing the waterfalls and bubblers and one year old plaster are really the cause. After six months seems to be demanding a little less acid. If my TA get below 40 can get some wild swings in PH when I add anything, even kids
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    Re: PH keeps creeping up?

    Yes, TA between 60 and 80 works well for most pools. Some pools do better at 50. We find that below 50 does not leave enough buffering to avoid PH swings ain't nearly all cases. Waterfalls and bubblers definitely do contribute to pH rise. And kids too!
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