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Thread: DE Help..

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    DE Help..

    I posted this earlier in another forum and now w/ an update and need more help:
    Posted: May 22nd, 2009, 2:55 pm Reply with quote

    Hello all.. Was glad for all the help last year you guys gave. Now new year for pool
    Anyway, I have opened my pool and found out that several of my grids were no good allowing DE to miss the grids and reside at the bottom of the pool. I cleaned and reinstalled 8 of 10 filters that were somewhat good. I have new ones on ordered. Should I vaccum the DE on the bottom of the pool to waste or should I vaccum back thru the system.

    Jason posted:
    Posted: May 22nd, 2009, 3:48 pm Reply with quote

    Either one should work. Vacuuming to waste will use up water, vacuuming on filter will mean cleaning the filter sooner. I would just vacuum on normal filter mode unless there was lots and lots of DE (more than one filters worth) in the pool.

    Here is an update and need more advice:
    I have more than one filters worth of DE in the pool probably more like 3 or more. I did not add more de when i replaced the grids. I vacuumed what was in the pool thru the filter and it seems that the de in the pool has attached itself to the grids and the pressure started out ok, it then has risen to 30. So backwashed and rinsed 3 cycles on 6/2. Came home today 6/3 and noticed that the pool was a little clearer. Can see the second step now. Done another backwash and rinse 3 cycle. Turn the system on and the pressure was reading around 15 (which seems to be about normal accoring to what i remember it reading last year). After vacuuming I looked at one of the skimmers and see a lot of de going thru the skimmer. Took a water sample at one of the jets and seen lots of de coming out. My thing is should i raise the water level and vacuum to waste or should i maybe drain the pool and clean the bottom so no de is on the bottom and start refilling that day?
    All help would be great!!

    I/G Gunite pool 13'X35' avg size.
    Aprx. 25,000 gal
    Anthony DE Filter 60sqf
    Centurion Pump 1.5 HP

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    Re: DE Help..

    Looks like it's time to reopen that puppy and rinse it out and check the grids, manifold and standpipe connection again If you had 3 filter's worth of DE in the pool and it all went into the filter you have to manually hose the grids to get them (and the amount of DE in them) back to normal. You also want to vacuum out all the DE still on the floor to waste before doing this. Start fresh once all the DE is out of the pool and all should run well. Please give my Use and Care for DE filters thread a read or reread
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