I have Water Tech Blue Pearl Robotic Pool Cleaner that is 5 years old:

For most of the time it's been working great and this year I decided to replace the bag since it was pretty worn. I bought a new one form Amazon and few cleaning cycles later it developed holes in the corners. I got another one and the same story after only 3 cleaning!

I'm a bit puzzled with the speed at what it got to that state. I was thinking bad material/quality on the first replacement bag, but when the second got ruined at the same rate, I started to think maybe there is something else is in play.

I don't know if the damage is mechanical or chemical in nature. There is nothing that seems like it would rub the bag inside of the cleaner. My water chemistry is in check. I don't know if some kind of rodent got to it the pool shed?

Anyone experienced something similar?