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Thread: Linda Friesen from Sunny San Diego

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    Linda Friesen from Sunny San Diego

    okay, so I have a questions on brushes for a plaster pool. We purchased our home 10 years ago and replaced the filter about 5 years ago with a Pentair quad 100 DE . It works awesome and is really quite easy to clean. Our plaster has some patches that have chipped away (not alot but some) plus some bits that are rough on the walls. Right now we are fighting our first every yellow algae in just a few spots in the deep end and the spa. Literally they look like rust spots on the wall, I noticed while brushing that they are attached to the rough there a tool that can scrape off the rough spots or will that chip away the plaster? Should we be using a stainless steel brush and not a nylon brush?
    I've read your algae removal and am waiting for my test kit to arrive so I can get started. Our pool is crystal clear right now and really has always been clear. I did bring a sample into Leslies while I wait for my own kit to arrive (FAS/Dpd test kit). Part of the reason I'm taking over the testing of the water is my wife had only used test strips and I found them impossible to read . So I bought on friday the Leslies 18-576 kit ) found out yesterday I need the FAS/DPD chlorine tester so I have bought that. Needed to find you guys a few days earlier.
    The readings in read were from Leslie's yesterday mine were done with my Leslies made by taylor test kit the night before

    here are my current readings.
    FAC= 1 ( the night before my reading was 2) the week before with test strips it had all been 0 on chlorine
    TAC=1 (the night before my reading was 2)
    CH= 550 ( we've been told to drain our pool 25% to lower this) my test with the Leslies drop test I stopped at 50 drops as I thought I was doing it wrong, guess I should have kept going (San Diego does have high water my test showed our tap water at 170ppm ( i have the 18-576 leslie test kit) their test showed our tap water at 126ppm) same day test
    CYA= 45
    TA=110 (mine was 130ppm) with drop test night before with the Leslie kit ( taylor kit made for Leslies)
    ph 7.4 ( our ph had been super high the week before and I had been adding muriatic acid to get it in normal range) we only had test strips before which were impossible to read )
    iron =0
    TDS =3000 ( I don't understand exactly what this is but I'm told it should be less than 2500) instructed to partially drain pool to lower
    phosphates =100

    We have an in ground plaster pool put in around the mid 80's 25,000 gallons with a spa attached in ground at the shallow end. Our deep end is 9ft deep. Pool does have some spots that have grey etching (was told they are mineral deposits) pool is crystal clear at the moment and the only thing we are trying to deal with is the spots in the deep end and spa of the yellow algae.
    We do use a liquid chlorine that we buy at home depot

    Question: brush advice
    2nd Question: once I get my FAS/DPD test kit figure out my true chlorine readings and then proceed with slamming ?
    3rd question: is there a pool scraper to remove hard bits off side of pool
    4th question: do we need to drain our pool to lower hardness and TDS?

    I think this enough for my first post!!!
    Thank you in advance for advice

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    Re: Linda Friesen from Sunny San Diego

    Hey! Welcome to the forum.

    Stay out of the pool store!!. I am serious. Keep reading on this forum and you will find what we teach to be factually correct and honest.

    Most of all, testing your water in a pool store is a shot in the dark. ALWAYS trust your own testing with a good kit.

    1. It sounds like your plaster may already be chipped and algae is hiding out in the a pic?

    2. Yeah, maybe. Don't be in a rush to SLAM until we get some results to help us understand your situation a little better.

    3. There should be no "hard bits" on the side of your pool to begin with. We have to figure out what those are? Are they the same "pits" you are discussing above?

    4. Yes, but your numbers do not justify draining the pool in any way. TDS is irrelevant and your CH is a little high but very manageable. More on that when you get your new kit in.
    Dave S.
    42k vinyl and concrete pool, 1.5hp pump, 140gpm filter
    TFTestkits , PoolMath , Pool School

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    Re: Linda Friesen from Sunny San Diego

    Thank you for the info, I will go take pictures and will respond when I get my Fas/dpd test kit and then retest everything.
    Yes I do have some plaster areas that are chipped, but the yellow or brown areas seems to be more scale like than chips. They are bumps, not like the chips which are depressions . Will take photos.
    Thanks for responding so quickly.

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