I bought a house that has a big old in ground spa in fair condition. Not sure yet if it is a blessing or curse. Equipment is kind of functional, spa itself is Cal Spas fibreglass, cracked like crazy and someone tried to mend it with glue I guess. The previous owners had a pool guy and his service has just expired. Can I save/use this thing or is it a lost cause???


I don't have a chemical tester yet. The chlorine is applied using tablets in a float. The pump circulates OK near as I can tell. It also has an operational air bubble control. Both of these are operated via air switches next to the timer box. The timer box does not seem to work, at least the timer doesn't advance. The filter looks new although I don't know if it really has a filter (cartridge?) in it. I would assume so. The gas heater looks Apollo era and seems to work at least a little. The outlet pipe only seems to get warm, not hot. I don't have a thermometer in the spa yet. I think that is the extent of my knowledge. The controls on the spa itself I think are disabled.

Should I fix/replace the timer? Any recommendations? Google tells me it's something like:

Air Operated Controls


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I think