Hello All,

We are in the final design stages of our new pool build. I have a builder that I like and many of the issues have been worked out however the details remain.

One such detail is automation:

I am not a fan of the cloud, or cloud based management specially if it comes to equipment in my home that ma have to operate 15 to 20 years from now. Most of the pool builders in my area either use Pentair or Jandy or Both (out of the 10 I talked to only one used Hayward). I wanted to verify between the two (Pentair vs. Jandy) the Pentair is still the only one that allows direct access to the automation system (i.e. I run the app, type in the IP address and I am good to go with no need to log into a third party server)? Or has Jandy finally pulled its head out of the sand with the V2 SW and allow direct connections? Basically the automation system will determine brand of HW for me because as I understand it both companies have equal numbers of supporters and detractors! TIA!