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Thread: Plumbing and Automation *UPDATED with images

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    Plumbing and Automation *UPDATED with images

    First off, thank you for your help. We are installing a 16x36 fiberglass pool the second week of September. I am having a hard time figuring out my plumbing layout and how to automate pool operation. My PB said he dosen't really do automation and I didn't think I really wanted automation, but feel differently after doing some more research. So basically, I am now in charge of all the equipment. I don't know if the plumbing at the equipment pad is the best way to set up. This is what he has designed, keep in mind that this is intended not to be used with automation. See his comments in BLUE below the image:

    Suction lines are all 2”. Main drain and Skimmer lines go directly into the Pump on the left. We have a valve for each line. 2” then runs from pump to filter, to heater, and through salt cell. After salt cell it is reduced to 1.5” for Return lines. All return lines also have a valve. One for the main returns at the end of the pool, one for the “vac” line, and one for each additional accessory (be it a slide, fountain, bubbler, etc.) The 1.5” valve manifold will simply continue horizontally adding as many valves as necessary. This pump will allow minimally two valves open at all times. IF you are looking to run bubblers, deck jets, and returns all at the same time you may want to look at the variable speed pump you were talking about.

    Here is the breakdown of features and equipment:
    3 - Deck jets
    2 - Pentair Colorvision bubblers with Glowbrite LED lights for on the tanning ledge.
    3 - Pentair Intellibrite 5G color LEDs
    2 -
    Pentair IntelliValve Valve Actuators

    Pentair Easy Touch Control Control System with IC20 Chlorine Generator
    Pentair ScreenLogic Interface and Wireless Connection Kit
    Pentair IntelliFlo VS pump 011018
    Pentair Clean and Clear Plus CCP420 Cartridge filter
    Pentair MasterTemp 250,000 BTU

    Here is what I came up with based on reviewing others post about plumbing.

    3" from skimmer and main drain to pump (red lines). 2.5" on pool
    returns and to features (solid blue lines). 2" from manifold for both deck jets and bubblers. (blue and green dashed lines)

    What are your thoughts on this? Any suggestions?

    Thank you!
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    Re: Plumbing and Automation


    My first thought is that your attachments do not show up. My second thought is Welcome to TFP, you will love it here..

    Some other thoughts are:

    1. An IC20 is not adequate for your pool. Technically it is, but in practice it is not. Move up to IC40, or IC60. The bigger the better.
    2. Your filter will work, but again bigger is better so I'd go with the 520. The bigger the filter the less times you have to clean it.
    3. Keep in mind that any water feature that you want to automate needs to have its own Jandy Style valve. Example: I suspect that you will want all three Deck Jets on at the same time, so one Jandy valve will operate all three. You'd want your bubblers on a different Jandy valve. With no spa and no waterfall or any other water features, then two actuators will be all you need. Keep in mind that the EasyTouch can only really support two "user-Programmed" valves. It will also support two valves that are dedicated to switching between the Pool and Spa, but that it not really applicable to you.
    4. ScreenLogic is an absolute must-have... You will love it.
    5. I think that 2" pipe is fine and I see no reason for 3", but then I an not much of fluid dynamics guy, so we will see what the others have to say.


    Jim R.
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