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Thread: new here. recovering a green pool

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    new here. recovering a green pool

    well my pool pump gave up the ghost and has become a swamp. I put a EcoTeh Ez variable speed pump on and started running it

    I took some water to the pool store for some testing. they said i needed to drain my pool and start over
    FAC = 0 ppm (Floater is full)
    pH= 7.0
    TA =120
    CYA = 140.
    TDS = 2900
    phosphates 2500

    back washed it added more DE, i added 2lbs "green to clean" and 2lb pool shock gonna ad 1 bag at 7 am (+12hrs after the 1st)

    I have some phos-free to add (was told 10 cap fulls ones the CL levels go down)

    for those with Variable speed pumps how do you run yours?
    currently i'm doing 75% flow for 9pm-1am the 40%from 1am to 11am

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    Re: new here. recovering a green pool


    If we can trust that CYA number (CYA is the one pool $tores usually get the worst result) you would need to maintain a FC level of 56ppm to kill the algae.

    If that 2lbs of 'shock' was dichlor or trichlor you have added to your already suspect high CYA level. The tablets you are floating are also adding CYA. Proper FC levels are a % of your CYA level ( The more CYA that is in the water, the higher level of FC you need to maintain. If that CYA level of 140 is accurate (we don't trust pool $tore testing) your pool is economically unmanageable.

    Green to Clean is adding ammonia to your pool, which will result in a higher overall chlorine demand.

    You should switch to liquid chlorine, aka bleach.

    You also should be doing your own testing, with a proper test kit.

    We can help you (and your wallet) break free of the pool $tore, and your freedom starts with a proper test kit, either the TF-100 (best value) or the Taylor K2006.
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    Re: new here. recovering a green pool

    Welcome to TFP. The first step to clearing a green pool will be to get it tested as already described in the previous post. Once you have the test if you can get a good set of numbers including the cya determine if you need to drain some water to lower it.
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