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Thread: Automation questions

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    Automation questions

    Thanks to reading several posts on this site I've gotten a much better idea of how to program my VSP to create better energy efficiency; i.e. not running it 24 hours a day like our pool builder suggested. But I still have a few more questions.

    1. Our slide needs a certain amount of pressure to operate (pump water through it). But if my pump is off or running too low, how can I increase the pressure? Do I have to do this manually every time or is there a way to control it automatically via the automation?

    2. If the pump is not running at a certain speed (or off), the heater will not kick on. We like to keep our pool fairly warm. Is there a way to program the automation so that the pump kicks on when heat is called for or do I need to have the pump running all the time?

    3. When I backwash the filter, does the pump need to run at certain RPM? Specifically, is there a minimum that it should run at?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Re: Automation questions


    You generally want the pump to run at a low RPM for energy savings. An automation system could increase the pump speed with the push of a button. But that is just about the same as pushing a speed button on the pump.

    An automation system could control your heater and pump in unison. Generally when the heater is in operation the pump will need to be kept running.

    An automation system would not help with the backwash. I think you would want to run the backwash at 2500 to 2800 RPM, I don't think a specific speed is important, but the lower the speed, the less likely that it will flush all the waste DE away.

    I don't backwash anymore. I tear down, and clean, my DE filters twice a year. I normally run my pump at 1200 RPM, most of the time. At that speed the pressure is only about 3 PSI. I hardly see a noticeable change in pressure between cleanings.


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