So what are your experiences with liners and liner protectors that have weeds growing through them and the company that sold said products to you? I bought everything through a reputable retailer and had it installed by a professional. My pool has been up and running for about a month now and there is a weed poking up into the pool. The "liner armor" that is described on the website as being able to "Prevent rocks and roots from damaging your pools liner" has not done its job.

I sent an email to the company I bought everything from and I'm pretty much being told that it's not their problem since it's not guaranteed and that I should just patch it.

Anyone else had this issue? Is this typically how this goes? This is a extremely aggravating after spending almost $3,000 with them. I also had a terrible experience with getting it shipped to me in a timely manner so as of right now I'm pretty disappointed with this company.