Just purchased a home in Northern California and the pool was in bad shape and completely
outdated. Got Omnilogic installed, new pump, new filter and lights and now my attention is to
the roof to get solar system up and running.

On my old home I just purchased Fafco panels 8 x 4'x20' and that worked just fine although after
a couple years I was on the roof costantly plugging leaking tubes. I finally went up on the roof today
to start the removal process of the old collectors. "they were disconnected". Anyways, these things
are built to a whole different standard and I can tell they are high quality. I'm now thinking I should
just replace the orings between the sections, replace a worn out collector end and give them a try

Anyone seen these before? I would estimate they are at least 10 years old and maybe I'm better off to
put new ones anyhow.

Little advice would be appreciated!