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Thread: Help with staining

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    Help with staining

    Hello I am new to TFP!
    I have extremely stubborn staining in my pool and looking for any help and guidance you can provide.
    I have a semi in ground oval pool 12x20. We had not opened it at all in 2014 and when we did in 2015 it was black and took over a month to clear and balance. There was what looked like fading or dirt across most of the bottom and I played with it for the season trying to get it clean to no avail.
    This year we opened it in July and the staining seems worse. I tried stain free and metal free which made a few very small spots look cleaner, a tiny more back to the blue of the liner. I've been battling the chlorine drop from that and finally gave in and went to the pool store to have my water tested on Saturday. They sent me off with 2 gallons of liquid shock, bag of shock granules and told me to put about 20 ounces of algecide in as I had a little green/black slime around the poles of my steps.
    Yesterday I came out to find chlorine finally registering the slime was gone. But I also now have a few circular and triangle spots along the bottom that are clean, back to original blue liner! It's wonderful but certainly makes the staining look much worse everywhere else. It is also clean blue under the feet of my steps.
    I went in to the pool store again today to have the water tested and talk to them about the staining to which they said just keep putting in algecide
    Not sure what to do next

    Here are the pool store's results today
    TC 1.9
    FC 1.2
    Ph 7.7
    Alkalinity 185
    Calcium hardness 50
    Stabilizer 70

    According to my test strip my Alkalinity is in the 120 range
    CYA is 30-50

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    Re: Help with staining

    Is it staining or algae? What color is it? How did you add the shock granules and liquid shock, and was the pump running when you did so?

    What kind of algaecide did you put in and how much?

    In order for us to help you, you're going to need a proper testing kit so that we can get some concrete, "real" numbers that haven't been messed up by the pool store. They're selling you a lot of potentially problematic products and if your CYA really is 70 (this is the number they got wrong the most, and it's the most important to know to keep a clear, safe pool), your FC levels are far too low to keep your pool sanitized and safe.

    Start by ordering either a K-2006C or a TF-100 (we recommend ).

    Then head over to pool school to do some reading:
    Pool School - ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry
    Pool School - Defeating Algae
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    Re: Help with staining

    It doesn't seem to be algae because it does not scrub off at all. My pool liner is blue and it looks like brownish/yellowish over it on 95% of the floor only.
    With the pump running I added the liquid shock around the perimeter and the granules I diluted in a bucket of water and then added around perimeter
    The algecide was Seaboard industries algi-tech and I put in 14 ounces
    I will order the test kit and post numbers once I have them

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