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Thread: Nightmare scenario educates

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    Nightmare scenario educates

    While laid off from worktmy pool pump destroyed itself. I had to put off the replacement for a month while I settled into my new job. So i was facing no circulation, no filtration, no chlorination in my SWCG pool indefinitely. But as you can imagine, all I needed to do was add about 6 gallons of bleach to the weekly shopping list. During the month of no filtration we experienced straight 94 degree plus highs, with the temperature rarely dipping below 76. I ended up averaging about a gallon of the 8% bleach per day, and I didn't add chlorine if we didn't swim that day which was about 1/3 of the time. My pool has an opaque cover on it which blocks sunlight and keeps debris out and it is closed unless we are swimming.

    So since construction there has been a debate going as to the impact on water temperature this cover has. Some have said the pool would heat up faster if the cover was off during the day. Some have said a bubble cover would heat up the water faster. I have thought that cover on would produce the warmest pool. My pool has reached 98 degrees during past summers and I thought for sure with no circulation nor ability to run my homemade water coolers that i was in for one hot pool.

    This high temperature i believe to have caused the "growing" of my pool liner causing excessive wrinkling of the liner on the pool bottom and steps. With no circulation the top 12" of water can easily reach 110 degrees.

    To here is what happened during the month of no circulation. The top 12" of water heated up over 110 degrees and the bottom 2-3.5 ' cooled to mid 70's. Manual mixing of the water produced a mid 80's temp. First summer of pool ownership with a pool temp in mid 80's during hottest month of the year!

    So i didn't have any issue keeping up with pool chemicals due to lack of circulation because of all I've learned here. The result was clear water but the side effect of that was you could see bits of debris build up over the course of the month. Nighttime was particularly telling but there was nothing i could do. I've since had to change my DE 3 times but the water is perfect again.

    What i'm going to work on determining the rest of the summer is if nighttime filtration only will lead to a cooler pool, pool's back up to 93 due to daytime circulation.

    I really appreciate all the advice and knowledge i've gained form this site which has made pool ownership easy and rewarding. My new job involves managing multiple apartment communities, and i've already been inquiring about pool regs they follow and "down days" of their pools to determining who needs some education.
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    Re: Nightmare scenario educates

    That's a great story! Thanks for sharing that. I do agree that nighttime circulation keeps the pool cooler and daytime circulation keeps the pool warmer.
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    Re: Nightmare scenario educates

    Depending on the pump run times you could maximise the cooling potential by delaying the pump runtime as late as possible to allow the cooler night air to cool some of the warmer surface layer before it is mixed.
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