We'll be leaving soon for 10 days of much anticipated vacation. Both our 12,000 gallon in ground and 325 gallon Hot Spring Spa live a simple live of bleach/acid along with an appropriate levels of CYA and Bromide. Its NEVER been easier and cheaper to maintain both. Typically both get a dose of bleach every couple of days and acid every 3-4 days and maybe baking soda for TA every week or so.

So the question is...what's the right chemistry to leave each body of water so we can return home and get them back under control?

For the pool I intended to bring Ph to the low end of normal and over chlorinate with liquid. Maybe drop 2 tabs into the feeder to help but not over CYA. That should keep things clear for the 10 days.

The spa is a bit more of a questions. I typically add 2 oz of bleach ever day. Should I simply drain and refill on return, or drop Ph and add a couple of tabs into the filter reservoir in the hopes of maintaining at least some sanitizer. I could also overchlorinate before we leave (say 10-12).

Thoughts appreciated.