I have the above Rabak pool heater. It works perfectly except for one problem. I use a Pentair Easy Touch remote for the pool and spa. Everything works fine remotely except for the spa heater going on/off when you turn the spa on/off (using the spa aux. on the remote) The spa valve and blowers work fine. There just is no automatic heater initiation like worked until recently.
I have held the three buttons down at once on the heater. REMOFF will not change to REMON/REMoN/REMoFF. When the REMON or REMoFF shows, I let go of the three buttons and it just jumps back to REMOFF. I have turned breakers on and off, heater is on in the Pentair, hit program button on the Pc Board Control Iid 207A-407A (Tan W/3-Wire Sensor) 010253F and nothing works. I read and reread the manuals and scoured the internet. Seems like I need a new PC board but was hoping one of you experts had the answer.

Thank you,