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Thread: Newbie Vacuuming question

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    Newbie Vacuuming question

    Hi all. Not sure what I am doing wrong here. I have a 28 foot round Doughboy Palm Shore with a deep end (just for context). I have a 19" sand filter (will be 23" next season), and a 1.5hp 2 speed pump. I have everything hooked up to 1.5" plumbing and everything runs well in normal filter mode.

    I run into problems when trying to vacuum. Here are my steps. 1. Using the return line, blow any air out of the vacuum line. 2. Stop pump. 3. Hook up vacuum adapter to the bottom of the doughboy skimmer vacuum port. 4. Put skimmer lid into vacuum position. 5. Start pump on service mode.

    After a few seconds of running, the pump will be depleted of water. The pump is sucking so hard that it actually lifts the pump to skimmer line up off the ground. I suspect the problem is that the vacuum adapter is essentially a reducer that lowers the pipe diameter to what looks like 1 inch. Well, if you're pulling in via a 1 inch line, and pushing out via a 1.5 inch line, it seems completely reasonable to assume that you can't bring water in as fast as its going out.

    However, I see lots of people running large pumps and all that, so I think the problem is something I am not doing. Should my filter be in recirculate for this? Thus far I've tried it on "filter" , assuming that I would want to filter what the vacuum sucks up...but maybe not?

    Thanks all.

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    Re: Newbie Vacuuming question

    Welcome to TFP! Good to have you here

    Yes, continue in filter mode. Recirculate would make things worse.

    There's two possibilities. Your vacuum hose could be blocked with something, and that should be easy to check. The skimmer plate might be adjustable, meaning that you can set it so the pump can pull part of the water through the skimmer while you're vacuuming. It could be an aperture adjustment (slides across) or something you turn.

    If neither of those, try low speed and see how it goes.
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