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Thread: Algae? SLAM?? - Advice please

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    Algae? SLAM?? - Advice please


    Chemicals are balanced. Chemicals have stayed balanced the last two weeks despite some things and I am not adding more chlorine than normal.

    Today: Water is slightly cloudy today. Noticed green/brown stuff on bottom which I vacuumed, backwashed and rinsed. Green/brown stuff throughout the bottom of the pool which can be easily vacuumed (I have had the real fine stuff in the past that seems to form a cloud but this time it isn't like that). Water slightly cloudy. The first appearance of this brown/green stuff was last weekend and it was only a small amount --- husband did not clean pool as I asked after heavier bather load 2 weeks ago and let it fester and I was out of town for a week. Uggghhhh....Although he did check chemicals regularly and added the chlorine as needed. The stuff could have been some leaf decomposing but it seemed a little more then that. I figured as long as I was diligent with testing all this week I would know what I was dealing with.

    Northeast: we got a ton of rain this week, pool stayed covered, and I drained about 6 inches out of the pool during the course of the week. First nice day to uncover the pool and really care for it. I had no issues with anything being out of balance during or after all that rain and barely added chlorine since the pool was covered all week and didn't need it.

    FC= 3.6
    TA = 110
    CYA= approx 35 (hard to tell with my test kit) It was 40 which is why I was maintaining chlorine at about a 3-4 range. But I drained a lot of water this week!!
    Calcium = 150

    ADVICE - Should I run a higher level of chlorine and see? Should I slam?

    UPDATE - Reading more on the site. Going to do a OCTL test tonight. It says to bring my FC above a 3 so I'll bring it up to a 5. Not cover the pool tonight (I assume so) and then:
    If your FC level remained the same, or went down by 1.0 or less, the water is clean. There isn't any living algae or other organic contamination in the pool.

    If you lost more than 1.0 ppm of FC, then there is something in the water that needs to be removed and you should SLAM, or continue SLAMing, the pool.

    Can someone verify I am on the right track? Appreciate it!
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    Re: Algae? SLAM?? - Advice please

    Is it possible that the brown stuff is sand? Can you pick it up with your hands, or is it too fine? IMO cloudy water=slam ,but I've had my sand filter dump sand in the pool and make it cloudy then the heavier sand settled on the bottom and it was easy to vacuum. Someone with more knowledge will probably chime in but if you can pick up the brown stuff it might be sand. I backwashed and rinsed the pump then,I vacuumed up the sand and added a filter sock to my skimmers and left the pump running. It cleared up in a day or so. Definitely do the OCLT first but if you pass might be what is going on.
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    Re: Algae? SLAM?? - Advice please

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    Re: Algae? SLAM?? - Advice please

    Green and cloudy sounds like you need to SLAM. And yep, you're definitely on the right track by doing an OCLT.

    Thanks for doing the reading and research and posting test results
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