I have a PCC 2000 (Paddock Pools built in 2000) I am the second owner. I have had it for about 12 years.

I have had some issues over the past few years with it not cleaning as well as it used to.

Some background history:

About 2-3 years ago I figured out that I had some popup heads that the springs were shot so I replaced them. In the process of replacing some of the heads I did not return them all back to the correct original positions.

I had a company come out and replace the Paramount Module base because it got a crack in it and it was leaking.
I talked to this tech for a while and explained my other issues. He said that if I didn't put the heads back in the same spot then it could be adding to my issues.
I didn't realize that the heads had different sized ports to move the water at different pressures and volume in certain areas of the pool.
Luckily I had the book and "blue prints" of the pool from the original owner.
I did some research and found the head layouts. I popped them all out and replaced them back to the original design positions.
The other thing this tech told me is that the "wall jets" should point left to move the water in a clock wise direction to move leaves and debris around the pool to the TOP skimmer.
So we did that.

It worked much better for a while. About a year ago I started to have issues with the floor drain not pulling debris back up in to the debris canister and the stationary jets that push debris toward the floor drain weren't popping up at all or barely. I called the same company. The same tech came out and we figured out that the floor drain had a MAJOR clog in it. Despite the 40 degree water temp I opted to jump in and remove the drain cover to try and figure out what the problem was. With a jimmy rigged tool and a high pressure water blast in the canister I managed to get all the leaves out of the floor drain line and got that issue resolved.

Now to the latest - Had had a lot of leaves dropping off of our trees this summer because of all the 105+ consecutive days. This has reeked havoc with the floor drain. I get up in the morning to find the floor drain surrounded by leaved that can get sucked into the drain. So I have been checking it every night and skimming and raking it to reduce this problem.
We personally don't use the pool a whole lot. Our dog and neighbors use is more than any one. But last weekend I jumped in one night. I noticed that one of my stationary heads (the 2 that pop up when the filter pump is on to push debris toward the floor drain) one of them the jet was not shooting towards the drain but was shooting towards the wall.
I remember being told that the stationary heads blast water toward the floor drain so that floor debris gets put pushed towards the floor drain.

I did some diving and rotated the stationary heads to where I thought they should be. Next day the floor was still not being cleaned as well as it should be. I got on Paramount's site and looked at the info on the PCC2000 page. I noticed a couple of things from the video. It looked like the stationary heads should point to the floor drain. I also noticed that the wall jets (that Paramount refers to as Down Jets) were pointed down pushing debris down and towards the stationary heads and then onto the drain.

So finally to my questions. Sorry for the long drawn out history. I figured it might help knowing where I have been and come from.

1. Should the 2 stationary floor jets that are offset a little off of each side of the floor drain be positioned so that the jet points straight to push the water just to the side of the drain or should the be angled a little to point more directly to the floor drain?

2. Since discovered that the two Down Jets that align with stationary heads should be pointed down pushing the debris down towards the stationary jets. I have 3 other "Down Jets" that have been positioned to the side to move the water in a clockwise position towards the top skimmer.
Should these other 3 point down since they are "Down Jets" or leave them shooting to the side?

Thanks in advance. Again sorry for the long post.

BTW my water chem is GREAT. I have been using the TFP method for about a year and a half now.
Ok it it not perfect. CH is very high. Like 700-800 I need to do a drain and get it back down. My tap water CH is about 280. So it would help a lot. I just don't really want to drain during the hot season and refill with the drought conditions and all. But I have not had an algae bloom since my first hiccup not keeping my levels high enough for our extreme heat here.