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Thread: Euthanizing a Caretaker 99 system?

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    Euthanizing a Caretaker 99 system?

    I have a 16 year old pool that I've owned for the last four seasons with the super awesomely conceived but never operated effectively Caretaker 99 in-floor system. I did try to rehab the system the first year I owned it. I did the gearing replacement unit and had everything seemingly in order, but it's never been able to develop adequate pressure to get the heads to pop up. I got a Dolphin robot last summer and it's one of the best investments I've made in the pool. Works wonderfully. In addition to the Caretaker system not cleaning the pool, I've had two holes develop in the floor next to pop up heads repaired, the heads and in floor vaccuum drain seem to be algae collectors that are difficult to fully clean, and the plumbing makes anyone except the installing pool company unwilling to winterize our pool.

    Two real lines of questions:

    1. This season I've just left that part of the system winterized (i.e., the caps are still on the six-port system near the pool mechanicals, the sidewall vent for the vaccuum is still capped, and the plumbing inside the vaccuum catch is capped). Does that seem problematic or am I ok to leave that as-is? There's nothing apparently off with the main parts of the rest of the system thus far this season, pool chemistry has been manageable, etc.

    2. Anyone have thoughts on potential ways of reducing these risks, or am I stuck with them? I am not opposed to some way of filling the Caretaker plumbing lines somehow, replacing/filling the heads in some way, or anything else really. Just trying to see if there's a way to euthanize the system and make it less of a risk. Any help is appreciated.


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    Re: Euthanizing a Caretaker 99 system?

    I think the way you have it now is OK, for the short term or long-term. If you think it may be an asset to keep it, like if you want to sell the house, then it's fine as-is. If you wanted to get rid of it permanently, the best time would be during replastering - the pipes could be chipped out and plastered over, and wouldn't show at all.
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    Re: Euthanizing a Caretaker 99 system?

    I have had the Caretaker 99 system in 2 pools (over 20 years) and they clean the pool perfectly, no issues other than R & R the valve kit about every 5 years (kit free w/lifetime warranty along with any pop up heads that need replacement).

    As far as algae collectors, pop out the heads, soak in a bucket of chlorine and pop them back in....the rest of the system can just be bypassed, I would not bother to do anything else.
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