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Thread: GemDad in Sunny Columbia, SC pool reclaim

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    GemDad in Sunny Columbia, SC pool reclaim

    Hi, y'all:
    GemDad here, New to TFP and just started using TF-100 Test Kit.

    Just got back to a green pond in the backyard ; Had not opened this year yet. I need help with priorities !!!

    FC : Below 0.5
    Ph : 8+
    TA : 80
    CH : 125
    CYA : <20

    Net is off, leaves scooped and several days backwash completed and filter running 24/7. Water level brought up to mid-skimmer level;
    What's next? Should I try to rebuild the FC first, or attack the algae?
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    Re: GemDad in Sunny Columbia, SC pool reclaim

    Hello and welcome to TFP! You'll want to SLAM (link below) to clear that algae. Instructions are on that page, but here are a couple highlights:
    - Increase CYA to at least 30 so you have adequate FC protection
    - Lower pH to 7.2
    - Once pH is confirmed/adjusted, increase FC to "12" and maintain until you pass all 3 SLAM criteria.

    Let us know if you have any questions about the SLAM page or process. Good luck!
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    Re: GemDad in Sunny Columbia, SC pool reclaim


    You are going to need to SLAM to get the algae under control. To do that you should first get the pH down to 7.2. Once the pH is under control you can start the SLAM right away. I would bring the CYA up to 30 if you don't have any on had I would not let that stop you from getting the SLAM started.
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    Re: GemDad in Sunny Columbia, SC pool reclaim

    As Pat said, balance CYA asnd pH and follow the directions on SLAMing your pool in the How To section of Pool School completely to the end.

    • CC is 0.5 or lower;
    • You pass an OCLT (ie overnight FC loss test shows a loss of 1.0 ppm or less);
    • The water is clear.

    When all three are true, you are done SLAMing and can allow the FC to drift down to normal levels.

    It may help if you read te following articles in Pool School:

    ABCs of Water Chemistry
    Recommended Pool Chemicals
    How to Chlorinate Your Pool

    So, welcome to TFP!!
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