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Thread: Who got the answer to THIS ... problem?

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    Who got the answer to THIS ... problem?

    OK - me. Been around pools all my life. Maintaining them from a kid forward 40+ years, so I'm NOT a newbie.

    Currently, have an 18x36 rectangular pool with the usual deep side/shallow side architecture.

    My routine for YEARS for closing a pool would be dumping in a 5 gallon pail of sodium hypochlorite and the usual 'stuff' for closing. With the over-age of disinfectant for a hopeful fairly clear opening come Spring.

    Spring opening would be the same- the 5 gallon pail and the usual opening routine - but of course - now we're checking chlorine levels as they drop as the kids are all chomping at the bit waiting on when the levels go down enough for swimming.

    That's been my gig for years WITHOUT any issues whatsoever.

    Well...last closing, I did not have time to go to the pool store to get a pail - so...I grabbed four tablets and set them on the fiberglass steps and the cover went on - full well knowing I'd be staring green in the face come Spring time (and I'm NOT talking about greenbacks either).

    So this past Spring - the pool is opened and voila! What? It's as clear as glass. Huh! Did I cut a break!

    I get everything done and just start putting tabs in the skimmer (yeah yeah - I know) and let it run. Well - bad me - I just let it go. Never checked levels or ANYTHING. Until 2 weeks ago.

    I throw a test tab strip in. and everything correct. EXCEPT the chlorine levels. Vivid GREEN and DEEP ROYAL PURPLE staring me in the eyeball. What? Tabs can't move the Chlorine level like that. I STRUGGLE every year in swimming season to keep all the levels right. Well...not now. Scratching head.

    So - I took ALL the tabs out and waited a couple of days. Tested. High. Five days later. Tested HIGH. Seven days. HIGH. 9 days HIGH. I am heading for two weeks with a high level of chlorine and there hasn't been a tab or a drop of chlorine anywhere NEAR this pool. It was NOT shocked LAST closing or this opening...

    In my experience, tabs will maintain - but it WON'T do SHOCK levels unless maybe a whole bucket full got dumped in. But then again - never tried that. Don;t think I want to either.

    ALL the other levels are perfect...

    There is NO SMELL of chlorine and I know for a fact - at this level - it would WREAK. No smell. We have swam in it. No burning smell. NO NOTHING. The bathing suit after a swim? Usually smells? Nope. Skin - usually you'll want to take a shower to get the chlorine small of ya. NO SMELL.

    NO NOTHING except strip levels showing HIGH.

    I though well - maybe the stripe are bad. Bought new bottle. Nope. SAME THING.

    Got to glasses of water - one tap water the other the pool water. POOL is high, tao water shows NADA. No chlorine.

    Now...the pool water is AMAZING looking. Vividly clearer than normal. NO ALGAE whatsoever. Something I have ALWAYS had to keep beating back during the really warm parts of August.

    I also grabbed a glass of it - stuck it in my mouth. Tasted like..well...the pool. No weirdness in the mouth or anything.

    Ummm...this is WHACKED. I have no answers...other than now I'm telling my wife - I think God is living in my pool! I do NOT know what else to think...

    So - I found this web site to see if anyone has any ideas or answers???

    Thanks. I think.

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    Re: Who got the answer to THIS ... problem?

    Welcome to TFP

    Doesn't sound so whacked, sound like testing error to me

    Any advice we can give is based on accurate test results. Take a look at the links below. We don't trust dip tabs for testing but if they work for you by all means keep at it. If you want to learn about the how's and whys of testing and chemical levels, feel free to read some of the links and post questions. youll find no shortage of answers with good test results

    Pool School - Test Kits Compared
    Pool School - ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry
    Pool School - Chlorine / CYA Chart
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    Re: Who got the answer to THIS ... problem?

    Welcome to the forum.

    What we teach here is a bit different from what many accept as "typical pool care".

    While we generally do not trust test strips, I am very interested in what you consider "perfect" water balance.

    Would you be willing to share a complete set of recent test results including:

    What is your understanding of the proper FC to CYA ratio?

    I think you will find that you will need to be a bit open-minded about pool care as you read through the posts here. Please have a look through Pool School (button at top of page) for an idea of what we call "Trouble Free Pool Care".

    I hope you enjoy the forum as much as I do, nice to have you with us.

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    Re: Who got the answer to THIS ... problem?

    Maybe your wife or perhaps teenage child is a member of this site? And has been adding chlorine behind your back?

    Your story sounds perfectly normal here. "I kept my chlorine higher than what 'others' recommend and my pool was perfect"

    Depending on your CYA levels a FC level of 10 or higher would be perfectly normal.

    The idea that your FC levels stay high on their own is.... not possible.
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    Re: Who got the answer to THIS ... problem?

    Test strips
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    Re: Who got the answer to THIS ... problem?

    Agreed that the test strips are the problem. Try reading them upside down in a trash can and see if you get better results.

    Order a TF-100 test kit from When you get it post a full set of test results as shown here, Pool School - Read This BEFORE You Post

    While you wait for your test kit read these articles
    ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry
    Pool School - Getting Started
    Pool School - What is TFPC?
    TFPC for Beginners

    And add your pool info to your sig as shown here, Pool School - Read This BEFORE You Post
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    Re: Who got the answer to THIS ... problem?

    Quote Originally Posted by elam View Post
    The bathing suit after a swim? Usually smells? Nope. Skin - usually you'll want to take a shower to get the chlorine small of ya. NO SMELL.
    I've not noticed this in our pool. Your bathing suit and skin all these years has smelled of chloramines after swimming? That would really bother me. Glad you found TFP!! Welcome
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