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Thread: Filter pressure rising way faster than expected

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    Filter pressure rising way faster than expected

    I'm in SoCal (LA, San Fernando Valley), not too far from the wildfires that hit our area a few weeks ago. I'm about 20 miles away.


    About 3 weeks ago, the wildfires were raging, and the wind blew a lot of dust and soot our way. We had one particular day in which the sky and sun were orange/red. Very weird.

    Within 2-3 days of the apocalyptic day, my filter pressure, which normally begins at about 20 (when clean) and was at about 24 (before the wildfires), went all the way up to 30. I assumed it was due to the soot and that the filter was cleaning a lot of that dust.

    So 1.5 weeks ago, I flushed and cleaned the filter. All was normal and after reassembling everything, the filter pressure was down to 20 (as I'm used to). The wildfire soot, by the way, has not returned, and air quality has been normal for this area. The filter pressure remained at 20 for more than a week.

    Now, suddenly, in the past 2 days, out of nowhere, it's zoomed back up to 30! (It was like 26 two days ago, and then 30 yesterday, and still 30 today.)

    What can cause things like this? Is it possible there's still soot from the wildfire being cleaned?

    I assume I need to clean the filter soon again. Anything I should be keeping my eye on?

    I'm disappointed a filter cleaning only lasted a couple of weeks, which seems ridiculous.
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    Re: Filter pressure rising way faster than expected

    Wildfire dust and soot is probably not in the filter's design criteria

    It's probably the remnant dust in the area being picked back up by turbulent wind or activity or who knows. I would bite the bullet, clean it again and be thankful that you have a DE filter that will filter all that out in a day vs. an "easy to clean" sand filter that may take a week to filter all that out.
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