So last week we had a tree fall on and destroy our 22x52 intex ultra frame

Yesterday my husband picked up a used 24x52 pool he paid $600 for. I'm hoping this was a better decision than buying a new pool of another brand for around 1200. Not exactly sure what model it is but looks to have the same wall pattern as the Revelation. Top and bottom rails, and uprights are all resin.
it also came with a pump and sand filter. The pump is a Dynamo Purex Triton. Is it worth hooking up and seeing if it runs good? I am also unsure of how much sand is needed for the sand filter. It is a very large round tank, measures about 20" across. There is no sticker on it. I do have to order a liner for the pool, I believe that a j hook style liner will work with this pool? Any input would be very helpful!

Pics of pool pump/sand filter