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Thread: Heater turns itself on...the perfect storm

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    Heater turns itself on...the perfect storm

    Yesterday I turned on the filter early morning and off to work I go. I generally leave the spa on overflow. I got home and usually venture out back, but it was so hot I decided to stay inside. later on around 7, I went out and could hear the pool heater going. I went over to look (Hayward) and yup it was on in the spa position and was trying to get the temp up to 101 degrees. problem was the the overflow was on and basically heating the pool up. It was at 93. I freaked out and shut everything down. I guess now I will need to keep the temps down low when not in use as this is not the first time it has turned itself on. At 10 pm I went out for a swim...didn't want to waste all that heat.... I have never swam in temperatures that warm before, it was very relaxing and I basically sat out there floating with a noodle for a good 45 minutes staring at the stars.

    Anyone else ever have the heater turn itself on?

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    Re: Heater turns itself on...the perfect storm

    No, but I've forgotten to turn off the fill valve before leaving for the day. Came back to see a bunch of friends and family swimming in the pool (open pool policy), water overflowing and back patio flooded. I was amazed nobody thought something was wrong!
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    Re: Heater turns itself on...the perfect storm

    It sounds like the keypad might have issues assuming you do not have an automation system.
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    Re: Heater turns itself on...the perfect storm

    I just had this problem (no automation), replacing the key pad fixed it as suggested by ps0303.

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    Re: Heater turns itself on...the perfect storm

    I found that it only happens after a rain storm. i think from repeated opening of the panel that the seal is weakening and moisture is getting in. I simply taped a piece of plastic over the front portion of the heater overhanging the edge. Has not happened since so I will fabricate something a little more eye appealing

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