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Thread: New service tech question about chlorine levels.

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    New service tech question about chlorine levels.

    Hello guys and gals, this is my first post on this site. I am a relatively new service tech, I have a little bit of experience in pool chemistry and chemical basics. When I service a pool I test everything. I have some pools that when I test them on my weekly visit the chlorine levels are in good range, sometimes a little high. I live in San Diego. Lately, I have gotten calls from my customers telling me their pool turned green since my last visit. It kinda is boggling me, as the chlorine levels where good, as were the Ph and Cya levels at my visit.

    How do other professionals maintain the chlorine levels when you only visit once a week? Yes they use the pool more in summer, especially the ones with kids, and it has been really hot out here, high 90's on some days.

    I am wondering what I can do to not have a pool turn green on me between visits. I just read tablets are a no no, though my customers demand I use them. I realize I am the professional, but when I do not use them and the pool turns green and when they were using them there was no green, kinda think I should continue using them.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: New service tech question about chlorine levels.

    Interesting question.

    I can see a few options without going into the positives and negatives of each:
    1. Use tabs
    2. Stop each day to add bleach or have the customer do it.
    3. Install a SWG
    4. Use a stenner bleach feeder
    5. Increase FC when you are there to the sum of the FC demand for the week plus some

    To me, the only real practical way for a service company to try to follow TFP methods is the SWG. In my area, I have seen a few service companies include a SWG as part of the service.
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    Re: New service tech question about chlorine levels.

    I agree with MG...

    I am no service pro but I would advise the customer about the effects of the tablets increase on CYA levels... If not monitored closely, it can get out of control in a hurry... If they demand you use them, there is not much you can do other than monitor the progress and keep a log of what was put in and when and how it correlates in regard to the cya increase. From what Ive read and heard, most service techs are only concerned with Chlorine and PH anyway and don't give much thought to the other forces working in the water. We've got a fella in Texas who's pool is a few months old and his calcium levels are off the charts but his builder doesn't seem to care...wont even test for it....
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