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Thread: A friendly warning to new pool owners

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    A friendly warning to new pool owners

    I have had my pool now for four years. In the beginning, I knew Because mainly of this forum, I now know how to make my water so clean and clear you couldn't even tell there was water in in pool. (slight exaggeration )
    Fast forward to last month where I made a huge mistake that I wanted to pass along to prevent anyone else from making the same one.
    Hayward super pump. Hayward sand filter. 30,000 gal vinyl lined swg pool.
    Alk 100.
    PH 7.5
    Salt 3.00 ppt
    CYA 70 (currently)
    FC 28 (shock level)
    CC 0 (i still get this one mixed up. after dropping 5 drops it stayed clear no pinkish color change)
    We had a major rain event dumping close to 2000 gallons into the pool raising the level by about 4 inches. (1 inch = 500 gallon per person who installed it) I had so much water it was over the skimmers making them ineffective but from previous years I knew to accept this gift from the heavens and let it go down on its own. I have well water and do not like to use it as it stresses the iron filter and softener. The error that I did was I balanced the levels at the high water level meaning I made my CYA 70 not even thinking ahead. As time went by the water level dropped and the CYA then raised making it to 85-90 area. The other error I did was I did not know I had to adjust the CH accordingly. I started to notice my beautiful clear water was turning cloudy. Not too bad in fact others didn't even notice, but I did. All of my levels were perfect, so I thought. Then I turned here and discovered my mistake.
    Make sure you make your CYA level to normal operating levels. Also, make sure you have the proper CH level as you adjust the CYA up. CYA of 70 = CH goal of 8. I am now in shock mode and have brought my CH up to 28 (7 gallons of liquid 12.5% concentration) I am now sweeping daily and have added about 1 cup of DE to the skimmer for the sand filter. Anything more than that causes the pressure to build up to about 22 which is too high.
    I will hold this level for next 24 hrs and see what happens. Again, I caught it early before it could take hold but I want my 100 % clear water back.
    Thanks for listening and if anyone has any other suggestions to pass along (i.e. use flock, etc) please let me know.
    Good luck everyone.

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    Re: A friendly warning to new pool owners

    Well doing "back of the envelope" calculations, if you adjust your CYA to 70 and then allow evaporation to eliminate 4 inches (2000 gallons) out of 30000, your CYA would rise from 70 to 75. So that's nowhere near 85 - 90 so something doesn't wash.
    20K gallon vinyl inground pool, Hayward Pro Series sand filter, 1 HP pump, Taylor K-2006

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    Re: A friendly warning to new pool owners

    I guess I assumed that is what happened. I have a current Taylor test kit with good reagents. How did it go to 90 without adding anything besides the CYA itself and running the SWG. I do not use tabs/powder/etc.

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    Re: A friendly warning to new pool owners

    That is a great lesson. NEVER add anything without testing first. You just never know what has really happened. Also make sure the pump has run about 30 mins or so to mix the water up good also.

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    Re: A friendly warning to new pool owners

    Thanks you for sharing your experience, we all can learn from it

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