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Thread: Question about slamming

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    Question about slamming

    Hi guys. Recently had two algae outbreaks over the last two weeks. Weird to me because I keep my FC around 5-7 and CC has never been over 0.5. I thought maybe it was due to the kids throwing some noodles in that had been down to the lake the previous weekend.

    Regardless, the outbreak occurred while my FC was up near 7, CYA was 40,pH 7.2, TA 80.

    I use a floater with trichlor as my primary sanitizer.
    My Taylor test kit suggests bringing FC to 30ppm to combat algae outbreaks. So I broomed the entire pool floor and walls, removed ladder and cleaned it and all the pool stuff, and added a few gallons of 10% liquid chlorine and water tested at just over 30ppm that night.

    The next morning, my FC was still at 30ppm and of course the water was milky with the dead algae. I filtered and filtered, vacuumed and vacuumed, but the water never really cleared up very well.

    Then, yesterday, i came home to another beginning of an outbreak.

    This time, my FC was 12.5, pH 7.2, CYA 45, and TA80. So, I broomed and slammed again with liquid chlorine to a level of 30ppm.

    My question is, is that too much chlorine? The pool calculator tells me to bring FC to 16 to shock. My Taylor manual tells me 30 ppm to kill the algae. It takes well over a week for the FC to drop to recommended levels. Of course I've been in the pool at levels over 20 with no ill effects. But, i can smell the chlorine, or chloramine even though the CC has never risen above 0.5 with every test.

    Thanks in advance and I'll listen on the air, lol.
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    Bryan in Kansas City, Mo

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    Re: Question about slamming

    Your testing looks like there are so mew errors but the important takeaway is you are NOT SLAMming the pool. Please read the SLAM article in Pool School as well as "the ABC's of Pool water Chemistry. That should give you some insight into what we teach and, if you decide to follow our advice, you will clear your pool.
    Dave S.
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    Re: Question about slamming

    Welcome to TFP! Good to have you here

    +1 to Dave's advice. Here's the articles:
    Pool School - ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry
    Pool School - SLAM - Shock Level And Maintain
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