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Thread: Need TFP Help, Intex 24x12x52 with Saltwater Sand Filter Pump

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    Need TFP Help, Intex 24x12x52 with Saltwater Sand Filter Pump

    Hello TFP, I could desperately use some insight from you.
    I'm a reasonably new home owner who recently purchased an Intex 24'x12'x52" Ultra Frame pool (#28361EH) that came with a Sand Filter Pump (#128645) and I bought the upgraded filter salt system (#28679EG / ECO 20110).

    After unpacking all of the boxes and setting up the pool, including watching the DVDs and online videos it became suddenly clear that I didn't have the proper parts to connect my filter system the way I was shown.

    I've watched dozens of you tube videos now and even gone to the Intexstore and am unable to figure out what I need to do.

    I was hoping from the pictures that one of you fine folks could point me in the right direction, suggest the parts I need to buy or something that gives me some hope on how to rectify the issue I have.

    The filter has no suction power whatsoever due to the small hoses plus the split I think. I'm still becoming a DIYer but when it comes to this kind of stuff I'm very novice.

    The first two pictures are my pool and the second set of pictures are from videos I watched on my pool. The filter appears to require 2 connections to the pool and I have 3 filter hose holes. I don't have any parts for converting one of the holes that I can see, beyond these little black plug things but only by themselves. Nothing that I can put them into and I don't see the converter parts indicated in the second pictures.

    I apologize for this not being comprehensive to understand but I've tried to articulate as best I can.

    Please and thank you in advance.



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    Re: Need TFP Help, Intex 24x12x52 with Saltwater Sand Filter Pump

    I have the same set-up. It may just seem like there's not much suction because the suction line from the pool to the pump is split into two hoses. Intex is trying to avoid liability issues and adhere to stricter laws dealing with pool suction side plumbing. How much pressure do you feel on the return hose? (The hose that puts the water back in the pool.) if that's strong, there's no issue. If there is no pressure from the return line, you shouldn't be running the pump for long. You just may have to bleed the air from the system. There's a bleed valve at the top of the pump strainer basket. That's where the single suction hose attaches to the pump. (The hose that turns two suction hoses int one hose to the pump.) Also check to make sure the 6-way valve is in the correct position, probably FILTER to start off.
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    Bob (AKA Schnozz)
    12 x 24 x 52 Intex Ultra Frame AGP, 8600 Gal; Pentair 2HP/2SP 150sqft Cartridge Filter; Hayward Through Wall Skimmer; Intex Automatic Cleaner (Fantastic); K-2006 Test Kit; Start-up 07/30/2015. First Time Pool Owner in SoCal.

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    Re: Need TFP Help, Intex 24x12x52 with Saltwater Sand Filter Pump

    I don't have your specific pool, but do have an Intex with the split intake. Prior to upgrading with a Hayward skimmer and 1.5" hose, I just used the "bulb with a hole" on one of the intakes. Gave me stronger pressure for vacuuming and the return created a much better circulation.
    Intex 18' x 52" AG with Sand Filter Pump & SWG (Model ECO15110) about 7,600 gallons tested with a K-2006-SALT.

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    Re: Need TFP Help, Intex 24x12x52 with Saltwater Sand Filter Pump

    We have the same Intex setup, but 16x32' & struggled with suction too until buying a surface skimmer. It comes with the plug to cover the 2nd hole & makes vacuuming a breeze. Air may be your problem like the previous poster said. Also, check that you do not have too much sand. Initially we just dumped all 100# from the 2-50# bags & missed the Max line inside the sand pump. After taking some out & running backwash/rinse cycles, the flow (in & out is much better). Hope this helps!

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