I'm needing some advice on fixing a couple cracked inlets. The pvc is cracking in the adapter that was screwed into the inlet so the pvc could be glued in. I have had this happen at two inlets and have put underwater epoxy on the cracks which is a temporary fix right now. My question is any ideas on how I could fix this from within the pool? I ran 2" pvc and used a 2" threaded adapter with a 1-1/2" male end to connect to the inlet. I can see the cracks from within the pool so they are right there with easy access. I'm wondering if the plumbing supply place sold me drain fittings instead of schedule 40 fittings is the only thing I can come up with on why they are cracking. If I can't fix from within the pool I will have to cut the concrete to access these which are about a foot down. My question is if I do this do they make any kind of access panels I could put back in the concrete to cover the hole instead of trying to patch it with concrete. I guess I was thinking an access panel would look better than a patched hole but maybe that's not a good idea either. Just looking for some advice on the best fix for these issues. Like I said it's happened at 2 inlets and I'm expecting it at the third one soon.