Just a heads up
I ran one for 2 years with no issues
This year I went to fire up the pool. Plugged the unit in. No power
Checked the fuse, it was good
Called Solaxx.
Not much help , they said it was out of warranty and need to replace the control unit. $185
Well I got two of these units when I bought the pool. Kept one just for a situation like this.
So installed the new controller. (May) Very Late Also added a Surge protector for the Power as recommended by Solaxx
here it is end of July, I went into the Garage. Controller is off (Dark)
Found blown Fuse. replaced fuse, Still no power
Went to the Solaxx web site, Chatted with CSR
Asked If I could send the units in for repair.
No Dice, They dont fix the pieces of junk. They only sell the new controller

Needless to say , I am now pursuing other options for the last month of the year