Are any of you Omnilogic owners experiencing the situation where you are able to control the system remotely even though the remote device (iPhone, iPad, etc.) is indicating there is no connection to the system (by displaying the double yellow arrows)?

Here is a video example:

Vice versa, sometimes I cannot control the system even though I am connected (no arrows) to the system.

Of course, on occasion the system does work correctly and the arrows ARE showing up and I am NOT connected for some reason (like the power went out and I needed to reset the router).

The problem really comes in when I can't visually see the pool and I try to turn something on (like the spa 1 hour before I get home) and I have no clue if it remotely turned on because it is impossible to have any confidence that the command went through since it is impossible to rely on the arrows for a status of whether the system is working/connected remotely or not.

Great system, but slowly finding this type of reliability frustrating and can't seem to get anything helpful from Hayward other than being told "if you see the yellow arrows then you are not remotely connected to the system" to which I would say - then explain the video!