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Thread: Slime Bag

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    Slime Bag

    Has anyone heard of the "Slime Bag"? The Slime Bag | The Easiest Way To Maintain Crystal Clear Pool Water. is their web URL. It seems like a micro particle filtration system and I've had several friends recommend it, but I'm just not sure. It doesn't seem to contain any chemicals, so I think I may give it a try unless anyone has heard negatively about it. Thanks for the help.
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    Re: TDS at 1100

    Any filter that's working properly should be able to catch anything that the slime bag product is catching. I don't see any reason to use them in a clean, properly sanitized pool. They could help speed filtration by a little bit when performing a SLAM procedure on a heavily green pool.
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    Re: Slime Bag

    I have one and a sand filter and I do not use DE. Instead I use Slime bag. As JVTrain pointed out helps filter faster during SLAM, I also use intermittently as I think it it adds additional sparkle to water ( but that is subjective). But again if I used a little DE it may filter similarly. Company was good to me quick service, I had no problem with parts nice system all set up. Maybe a bit on expensive side. Can do the same with diesel fuel filter bags which is the basic slime bag but slime bag is modified and nicely sewn so the opening fits 1.5" PVC return. Do a search for slime bag or Duda diesel on this site. A person self modified a bag and I think I like his mod better as you can turn it inside out to clean it.

    The slime bag I have filters to one micron, I think I read sand filters will filter to about 10 microns but not real sure of that.
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    Re: Slime Bag

    Well,, that product is a post pool filter, filter that would attach to the return fitting and hang in your pool. It might take out really small particles that a sand filter might not catch but it seems like a solution without a problem.
    It's just a piece of material with really fine openings. It can't hurt anything unless you let it get plugged and it then causes the motor to work too hard.
    Might be a great idea if used when filling your pool if your water source is of low quality but the regular filter should clean it up too. Just might take a while.

    Slim Bag - How to Install A Slime Bag - YouTube
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