Let me start by saying - I love the Omnilogic system, it's interface and ease of use from my iPhone or iPad - with the caveat - when it isn't acting glitchy.

I have had it for now for 4 months and over that time have experienced frequent issues with the double arrow connection icon. Not that the Omnilogic system is not "connected" - because 95% of the time it is - but (1) those yellow arrows sometimes show up on one device when at the same time they are not showing up on another device, or (2) the yellow arrows are showing up on both devices but everything still works and it controlled correctly.

This is frustrating when situation like the following occur where I am trying to figure out the current status of the system but I am getting different status depending on which device I am using. See below where one device shows the chlorinator is on and one device shows it is off):

In the above example I simply want to know whether my chlorinator is on or off because I can't go all day with it off but one device says it is on and one says it is off. Note, I tried both devices on the same WiFi network as well as through LTE.

This is just one example of which there have been many in the last 4 months. Not really a big deal when I am sitting in front of the pool and the yellow no connection arrows are on and I can just ignore them because everything is working perfectly. But when you are away from the pool and can't visually confirm these kind of things this glitch is frustrating.

I have called Hayward on two different occasions but both representatives can't seem to get past the idea that they have been trained that if the yellow arrows are there there is a loss of connection and it won't work from a remote device despite the fact that I am sitting on the phone with them telling them it is working and I am turning things on and off even though I have the yellow arrows showing.

Any suggestions on how to handle this or better communicate with Hayward would be really helpful. Is there a Hayward rep in the forum?