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Thread: Jandy LXi - acting up....

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    Jandy LXi - acting up....

    Installed in summer of 2010

    Been working fine ever since.

    Turn it on this morning and got "fault ign control"

    Removed the pool cartridges from the filter and cleaned them (out of habit- always fixed the no flow issue)

    Heater fired up.

    Later I went back to the equipment and the heater was off, no message on the screen - water was 83 and I had it set for 85.

    Turned it off and on and got failure ign control

    Did some off and on's and I got a couple "pump failure" messages and a couple "failure ign control".

    I cleaned the filters again and it went on again briefly. Then turned off.

    This morning the same thing happened. It's clicking on and running for a couple minutes then going off - no screen message.

    Or it's clicking on and while it's running I can hear intermittent clicking from inside the heater.

    I assume something inside needs to be replaced, but I'm by no means handy to troubleshoot this thing.

    Any idea what may be the issue? If it's an easy fix I don't mind doing it.
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    Re: Jandy LXi - acting up....

    Many possibilities here. When you say you hear clicking inside, I would suggest that you remove the front panel and see if you can pinpoint where it's coming from. Could be the gas valve opening and closing or it could be the ignition control module maybe. Need to see if you can pinpoint where the clicking is coming from.
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    Re: Jandy LXi - acting up....


    Got it going this morning and it's been on for an hour. Seems to be ok.

    However with the intermittent cooperation, there is something not 100% right in there

    I have some company this week, so I'll have to poke around Friday. Maybe I can take a video later when it's fired up to help diagnose the issue.

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