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Thread: saltwater system filter and sand filter on intex pool

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    saltwater system filter and sand filter on intex pool

    Hi. I have a 16x48 intex pool, that came with a saltwater system(with a filter attached). I also have an intex sand filter that I hooked up to the pool and saltwater system. Everything seems to be working fine, but here are some things that I am noticing throughout the day-
    1. The hose that runs from the skimmer to the sand filter basket is sucked in all of the time- I loosen the small "plug" at the top, a bunch of air expels, I tighten it back up, it happens again shortly after. If I leave the "plug" loosened, water comes out.
    2. The big sand filter gets indented as well.
    3. The water isn't continually going back into the pool- it is slow at times, fast at times, and nothing at times.
    4. All of my levels are fine- per pool store- but chlorine shows 0, even the day after I add liquid shock.

    I would appreciate any and all help!!! THANKS!!

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    Re: saltwater system filter and sand filter on intex pool

    Can you post a picture or describe how you have the SWG and filter(s) connected?
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    Re: saltwater system filter and sand filter on intex pool

    I think you have an air leak, could you take a look all around and see if something is dripping when the pump is off?

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    Re: saltwater system filter and sand filter on intex pool

    You have a suction side air leak. Read the Article about it in Pool School.
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    Re: saltwater system filter and sand filter on intex pool

    Welcome to TFP.

    Yup, at the least an air leak on the suction side of the pump.

    That plug is for purging air when it gets into the system. It sits on the filter basket. If everything is working properly, there should never be any air in there. Check your connections from the pool outlet to the filter basket.

    I have no idea what you mean by the big sand filter getting indented. That seems impossible as it's made out of rigid plastic.
    Picture would help

    As an additional issue, if your chlorine level is zero you have serious water quality issues. Read the Pool School articles on basic water chemistry. Stop using pool store "shock" stuff and follow the instructions for the SLAM process.

    Oh, and read the article called "read before you post" so you can put the information in your signature that we need to help you.
    Good luck!
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