I started a thread, Rookie Pool Owner needs some advice, in Just Getting Started, but I thought I could start a thread here since this deals with equipment.
My 7 year old PureLink1400 cell does not appear to be producing chlorine anymore. It was working up until about a week ago. Iíve had to add bleach to keep the FC up, even with the SWG at 100% 8 hours per day. I tried to get a separate sample directly in front of the return jet, but only got maybe a slightly higher level. Could my SWG cell be going out? The previous owner said he gave up on using it and just kept adding chlorine tablets. It has service codes of 125 (manual says cell needs to be cleaned, which I did even though it did not appear dirty) and 194 which my manual only has codes up to 175. If I put the chlorine production to 0, the service codes no longer appear. I checked on-line and they are at least $450 so Iíd like to be reasonably certain that it is bad before I order one.