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Thread: Pre Hot Tub Shower - Soap or No Soap?

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    Pre Hot Tub Shower - Soap or No Soap?


    From the TFP forum I now maintain my hot tub as follows.

    Purge the hot tub: Ahh-Some
    Balance the water: 7.5 pH, 50ppm TA, 50ppm Borate & 130ppm CH
    Sanitize the water: 30ppm Sodiium Bromide and add floater set to 1/2 with 3 BCDMH pucks for 3-5ppm Bromine target. (the floater allows quick/fast removal/replacement to better control bromine levels)
    Shock the water: 10% Sodium Hypochlorite ( 1/2 - 1 oz after every use)
    Testing the water: Taylor K-1004 kit customized with FAS/DPD for Bromine

    pH is very stable and the occaisional water balancing I do is most likely due to adjustments after additional water is added to make up for water loss from normal use and evaporation.

    We hardly if at all notice a bromine smell and the levels have been easy to maintain even if a few days goes by due to weather or travelling, etc. This forum has been most helpful and reliable.

    We shower before we hot tub. And in the summer months we will most likely have residual sun screen on from earlier in the day. My approach is the less stuff that goes into the hot tub the less stuff the filter and sanitizer/oxidizers have to work to remove.

    QUESTION: Is it better to use soap or not use soap when you shower?

    QUESTION: Is there a better/preferred type of soap to shower with? ie. liquid, some brand name, etc?

    Thank you for your experience and repies.

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    Re: Pre Hot Tub Shower - Soap or No Soap?

    Soap if you have sunscreen on and almost any kind of soap should do
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