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Thread: Hello! My first post for some balancing help :)

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    Hello! My first post for some balancing help :)

    Hi All! I'm excited to be a part of the forum. I am becoming pretty familiar with the methods used here, but still learning. I occasionally like to bring my samples to the pool store to compare with my K-2006 results and it never fails they are so off that I am literally blown away...

    So I wanted to run my numbers by ya'll to see what you think, and if there is anything I can do to improve my water chemistry.

    FC - 10 (pool store tested 7)
    Total Alk - 100
    PH - 7.6
    Calcium - 125 (debate on if this is worth increasing - liner pool)
    CYA - 90-100ish (I have the 50ppm tester 7065 and I always get a reading of 70-80, so based on that my CYA is prob around 90 - I struggle with testing this, but the only way to get 50ppm on the tester is to be facing full blasting sun and squint one eye shut and kill myself straining to still see the dot)

    I only recently switched to the Hayward 40k salt water generator (2 weeks ago). I have the pump set to run 9 hours a day at 50% after playing with it for awhile. Although I was a tad confused I expected the FC to test either the same or lower each day. About a week ago I tested FC and it was at 5. The next day, still at 5. I thought great, maybe I found my "sweet spot" for the SWG output. They next day I tested it was at 7 (stayed there for 4 days). Now today I tested and it was at 10. That is with not changing a thing or adding any bleach or anything whatsoever. So does it take awhile for the SWG to run, maybe several days, before it kinda leverages out what it should keep FC at? It has me wondering if I should lower the percentage down...or keep it the same and see if it stays at 10.

    Also, the more I continue to add muriatic acid when my PH rises, the more my ALK is going down. At what point will I need to do something if the ALK drops down too low?

    Thanks all! I don't want to get too convoluted in this one post so I will leave it at this for now and see where this takes me . I appreciate any replies and help!
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    Re: Hello! My first post for some balancing help :)

    Welcome to TFP!

    CH at 125 is totally fine.
    The CYA test needs to be done with most light flooding into the tube.
    Be sure chlorinate your pool based in your CYA of 90, FC/CYA Chart, never let it drop below 5 and target 7 or 8 ppm.
    TA is fine down to 60 for sure. And mybe 50. Keep adding acid to lower PH and TA and PH will stabilize.
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