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Thread: Pool setup - ask for feedback

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    Pool setup - ask for feedback

    Hey all,

    Looking for some feedback on the below proposed set-up.

    - Location: Northern Cali - San Jose area - no shade!
    - In ground - rectengular 36' x 15' with spa
    - SWG sanitation
    - automatic pool cover
    - in-floor cleaning system
    - 400,000 btu gas heater
    - 8 speed variable pump

    We have several quotes from contractors and of course their opinions go all the way from "never do this" and "we always do this" on both the sanitation (SWG) and in-floor cleaning (not specifically on combining these).

    Any specific concerns someone would have with the above setup? I know SWG sanitation will mean there is some salt in the water. Most parts will be stainless so this shouldn't be an issue. Any concerns with having a pool cover with SWG sanitized pool? Also, when going with a pool cover, would a hydraulic cover be better than electric when using SWG?
    Would SWG have any negative effect on in-floor cleaning?

    Also, one recommendation was to not use in-floor and also forget about the sweeper. Reason: we'll have the pool cover closed most of the time anyway and there are no plants or trees close by the pool so not much debris will get in the pool. This sounds very optimistic to me so would love to hear thoughts on this.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Pool setup - ask for feedback

    Welcome to TFP!

    Definitely yes to SWG! Makes it easy to Chlorinate Your pool.
    Most folks find the in-floor systems to be high maintenance, take a long time to cycle with high pump requirements and break down. But, some folks love their in-floor cleaning systems.
    I would not up install a cleaner. You can get a robot instead later if you decide you need one.
    Can't help on the cover.
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    Re: Pool setup - ask for feedback

    I've never had an in floor cleaner so I can't comment on the value of it. But you will keep a lot of debris out by using the cover, especially since you don't have trees nearby. But also know that some of what the cover catches will be then rolled up with it and when you roll the cover back on, some of the debris will fall off into the pool since it is now rolled on to the underside (a lot will blow off too though). So in your case the cleaning system may prove to be helpful (have it clean while the pool is covered). This may be a good thing to ask the PB's references about. I.e., would they install it if doing it over again? Like pooldv said you can always get the robot later on and you know that will clean very well.
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    Re: Pool setup - ask for feedback

    Thanks, that helps a lot already! I did not really consider a roboter yet but that's a great idea. I always had these vacuums in mind that always need to be put back into the pool after using it.

    Any other suggestions, specifically on SWG and pool covers or in-floor/in-wall pop ups?


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