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Thread: Intex SWG high salt alram problem and fix

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    Intex SWG high salt alram problem and fix

    I have an Intex SWG unit on my AG pool and have been having lots of 92 error codes, "high salt". I have tested the salt level in the pool and it's below the 3000ppm level the manufacture recommends. Now I had read somewhere that these units are using current draw to trigger the alarm and if your incoming voltage is slightly high it causes the SWG unit to draw too much current. Using OHM"S Law this make sense so tonight I tested the theory. My SWG was giving the "92 high salt code, I tested the incoming voltage at the outlet and had 123.6 VAC. I plugged in a small vacuum to put more load on the circuit and got 119.8 volts on the receptacle, and restarted the SWG unit and it ran fine as long as the voltage was down. As soon as I turned off the vacuum and the voltage went back up to 123.6 VAC the salt water generator tripped on the "high salt" alarm. I have read lots of complaints about these units giving false high salt alarms. Could this be part of the problem with these units?
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    Re: Intex SWG high salt alram problem and fix

    123.6 VAC Shouldn't (note "Shouldn't"!) be out of range. Most utilities are set up to provide 120vac with industry norms of +/- 10%. However...the Intex unit is not known for being robust and mine started getting flaky after a few years. Living at the beach with lots of thunderstorms doesn't help. Lightning finished it off last night.
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    Re: Intex SWG high salt alram problem and fix

    My high salt alarm is used basically to tell me I need to clean the plates on the cell. Usually after a few hour soak in vinegar I replace the cell and all is fine. It seems to only throw this code when the cell has a good amount of white crystals formed on them. I have tested salt level as well and was baffled the first few times the code was triggered but now after cleaning the cell it goes away every time.

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