So here I am finally posting the wrong liner I ordered. Long story short: I bought a 15 x 30 52" pool from someone. I helped tear it down and truck it all home. I researched pool liners and ordered one. I'm real close to installing the liner and something hits me. My wall panels are 48" tall. Not 52". You'd think a guy would have measured just to be sure. After all every site you buy a liner from says: "DOUBLE CHECK YOUR MEASUREMENTS". But the ad said 52". The previous owner said it was 52". 52" stuck in my mind. So here I sit with a EZlinerdirect liner I paid $357 + $65 shipping for. It is Bluestone pattern.

I have never even taken it out of the box. I can't return it. Anyone want a deal on this liner? Message me with a reasonable offer. Thanks!!