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Thread: Newbie with first AG pool

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    Newbie with first AG pool

    We put up our first above ground "kiddie pool" this weekend. It's the Intex 12' x 30" metal frame. I have been browsing these forums for the the last week and trying to find out all the information I can. I'm hoping to get some confirmation I'm doing the right thing. We filled our pool Saturday into the evening with town water and have 2 1" chlorine tabs in a floater. I also put 2 cups shock in it Saturday evening after it was filled (as advised by the pool store). I have a test strips and 2 way test kit. They don't give exact numbers but colors seem to look good. Water looks crystal clear. Kids had a blast swimming yesterday. I have a few questions on maintaining it?

    • Do I just keep up with the chlorine tabs? they dissolve slowly.
    • I'm running the 530 gph filter that came with the pool (this one has dual suctions that go into a "t" to the filter). I have been running it pretty much all the time, when nobody is in the pool? I was looking into upgrading to the 1500 gph, but wondering if this is necessary.
    • Change/wash the filter every 3-4 days?
    • 2 cups Shock once a week? Pool person say 1/4 gallon, but that seems like a lot based on the back of the bottle
    • Continue to test and make sure colors looks right

    Does this all seem good??

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    Re: Newbie with first AG pool

    Hello and welcome to TFP! At that pool size, is it under 3,000 gallons? If so, you really want to review and follow the Pool School - Guide for Seasonal/Temporary Pools page. From there, you'll get most questions answered to ensure you don't waste time or chemicals and maximize fun for the family.

    If the pool is over 3,000 gallons, then you'll need to review the TFP "Pool School" and other vital links you see below in my signature. They'll help you tremendously. Start there, look it over and let us know if you have any more questions. Very nice to have you with us.

    - - - Updated - - -

    In general, we don't advise using chlorine tabs continuously as they raise CYA too high and make balancing chlorine difficult. Just stick to regular bleach. No need to "shock" unless you have algae. If you do get algae, we do a TFP "SLAM" (link below). If you have a larger pool over 3K, you'll want one of the recommended test kits as most of the smaller ones just won't suffice. Please see the TF-100 link below. The Taylor K-2006C is also a suitable test kit.
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    Re: Newbie with first AG pool

    For chlorine, it depends on what you want. Most here recommend bleach and I recommend it too, however you should do some checking on your own to see if the chlorine tabs are cheaper than bleach or the other way around. The two reasons why bleach is so popular to use on TFP is because it's generally cheaper than tablets and because tablets gradually raise your CYA over time, forcing you to constantly adapt to your CYA and eventually drain when necessary. Personally I use tablets and complement them with bleach because CYA is a bit low and it's working well. You do your price checking and see if you're ready to deal with raising CYA if you pick tabs, that's your answer.

    As for the filter, it really depends on the filter you have. Sand, cartridge, and DE filters all have vastly different operational maintenance. You backwash them at different times and you replace the filter media at different times. We can't tell you how to maintain your filter because we don't know which one you've got. You should put all your pool details in your signature if you intend to use TFP more.
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